English Editing and Proofreading for Business

Every organisation needs to make a good impression on potential customers with their words through thought leadership, advertising, web content, and external communications.

Accurate writing is an essential part of this process as it inspires confidence and shows that you run your business with care. Bridger Jones makes sure the language you use makes the best possible impression. Our global network of native English editors offer services to meet a broad range of corporate and individual requirements and can work with your style guides when required.

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English is the lingua franca, it is the world’s vehicular language. In a world where first impressions count for so much, don’t allow your English to let you down.

There is no better way to ensure that your message packs a punch or your report is coherent than to have it edited by a native English editor. We Know what sounds good, we know what reads well and we know the appropriate language and expressions to use for your audience.

We have English editors specialising in promotional material, web content, technical writing and fiction. Whatever the text, we ensure not only perfect English in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar, but also that added extra: linguistic and structural improvement.

You have the text, we have the editors. Let’s bring them together. We know written content often needs to change so there is no job too small: we can arrange a regular service for you and your organisation.

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What our customers say

Thank you very much! You were really fast and I am very happy with the corrections. Thank you. Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

Javier a bridger jones customer

I’m fully satisfied with the editing service from bridger-jones. Their service was reliable, on time and easy to access. I highly recommend bridger-jones for your English editing and proofreading needs. Business Owner and MBA Student , Mongolia.